A Neighbor You Can Count On

A champion of sustainable, responsible development, David DeLind strives to create a place that he, and you, would want to live. Voting to keep David on Farmington City Council means voting for a brighter future for your family.

David DeLind

“The honor of my career has been to represent the great people of Farmington”
— David DeLind

Please make checks payable to:
Committee to Elect David DeLind
PO Box 896
23332 Farmington Rd.
Farmington, MI 48336-8777

Endorsements and Recognitions

Key Issues

My #1 priority will be ensuring sustainable and effective investment in infrastructure through development of a stormwater management plan including both sewer maintenance and green spaces for water retention. This will reduce the frequency and severity of flood events. The city also needs a tree assessment program which I am proud to have voted in support of.

I believe advances in remote communication adopted during Covid-19 shutdowns should be maintained. Residents should have many avenues to watch and participate in City Council meetings. This will ensure residents have an option they are comfortable with to engage their local government and voice their views. 

My family chose Farmington for its historic and family feel. I support appropriately sized development that blends with our beautiful town. I voted yes for the social district and outdoor structure ordinances to help our small businesses. I helped move the Farmington Road streetscape redevelopment forward and would like to see it to completion.

— David DeLind

Meet Your City Councilperson

DeLind Family

David’s family has called Farmington home since 2015. Since choosing to move to the city with his wife and young daughter, the DeLinds have found a warm and welcoming community. They were quickly welcomed by neighbors with open arms, ultimately leading to one of the greatest honors in David’s life to date: serving on Farmington City Council.

David’s vision for Farmington and his young family is to build on the successful initiatives and plans that have made the city the unique and successful community it is today, while maintaining a balance between preservation and development. To watch Farmington grow and thrive as a result of his passionate support is his most prominent dream.

Major Votes

  • Voted to purchase the Maxfield Training Center, ensuring the city had a hand in choosing the developer and that the development was the most appropriate for the community
  • Voted to proceed forward with Robertson Brothers Homes developing single family-owned housing for an available redevelopment site
  • Voted to approve the Farmington “Syndicate Social District” to support our local restaurants and bars.
  • Voted to maintain socially distanced city services to protect the public and our civil servants against coronavirus
  • 100% yes voting record for support of Farmington Public Works projects


David DeLind
(734) 945-6488